#RareDiseaseDay2019: The Day After // 🙏🏼 THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙏🏼 to our Sponsors & Teams! And once more THANKS to everyone who has participated💪🏼 or donated a contribution💶 for Marshall-Smith Syndrome (www.marshallsmith.org)

11 teams ✅ 1 goal: support a local rare disease organisation
3 beachvolleyball fields ✅ 1 volleyball
1 charity / fundraising ✅ € 4.464,46 for MSS Research Foundation

This year’s proceeds will help support the Marshall-Smith Syndrome (MSS) family day in September 2019. It is our pleasure to support this family day and we look forward to a weekend of renewed hope and community. Sponsors & Teams: enjoy the day after incl. muscular pain 😉 and we would love to see you next year! ❤️🏆